Kait Day

Dasha Mahavidya Initiation

The ‘Ten Great Wisdom’ Goddesses

10 Goddesses – 10 Weeks
… A Shift in Being

Calling all Healers, Teachers, and Curious Souls on the Path to Awakening… Join us for a deep dive into the most extraordinary ancient and sacred tantric transmissions of the Dasha Mahavidyas, represented in Goddess Kali’s ‘Ten Great Wisdom’’ forms. This is an intense visceral experience of greater self-realization and embodied consciousness using the energetic invocation of, and devotion to, each goddess archetype. This is a 10 week journey intended for you to radically uncover the most powerful nature of the divine feminine, Shakti, within.




Coming Soon!
January 2022 Denver, Colorado
In-Person and Online Options

The Offering

Each week you will receive…

✓ An energetic transmission/activation of each Goddess form

✓ The mantra innovation for each Goddess form

✓ Questions and prompts for deep inquiry and reflection

✓ Embodiment/integration practices

✓ Regular facebook discussion and support

✓ 30 minute sharing circles


This journey will support you to…

✓ Dissolve addictions and break free of old patterns and identities

✓ Face your fears; build resiliency

✓ Uncover self-worth; feel more confident

✓ Increase creativity and productivity; take action

✓ Attract ideal partnerships (business and romantic)

✓ Embark on new career paths; step into your life’s purpose

✓ Increase intuition; connect with spiritual guides

✓ Attract abundance and love

✓ Integrative the feminine and masculine energies

✓ Become a facilitator (optional)


Value Investment

The transformation that can take place during this journey is without a price tag. I strive to make it  accessible and affordable to all, while upholding the sacred value of the teachings, and the energy put forth in preparing the journey. It has taken a lifetime of work to be in a position of leadership to transmit these powerful tantric energies with the utmost integrity. 

This is a donation based opportunity,  with four options to contribute that meet your financial circumstances.  

Option 1- $300
Option 2- $600
Option 3- $900
Option 4- $1,200 

Questions and Enrollment?

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‘Your purpose here is to evolve, to transform, to experience your radical aliveness, to awaken to your true nature. You are the path. The path is you. The time is NOW.’-Anand Mehotra