Kait Day

Discover deep, dynamic, and transformative processes of body-mind-soul for the freedom seeker.

Empowering Soulful Living


Kait Day

Embody Truth. Empower Action. Enliven Spirit.

Kait Day is a Dynamic-Visionary-Empowerment Guide, drawing from ancient healing modalities, western psychology and science, and her strong intuitive wisdom. She uniquely facilitates transformational processes of body-mind-soul for greater self-empowerment, ease, and fulfillment in life.

Kait’s co-creative ‘work’ with you is designed to stir things up; to release un-serving patterns; to unblock life force energy; and awaken your fullest potential. The journey is one of soul depth, that asks the question: ‘Are you willing to say YES, even if it means the end of ‘You’ as you think you are?’

Kait’s style of relating is both colorfully light and fearlessly transparent. Her sense of humor and strength stands tall. Kait’s passion is infused with the values of authenticity, courage, love, and service, and her greatest desire is to lead, mentor, teach, guide, role model, and coach through her own embodied transmission of truth and love. Kait is playfully devoted to her very messy, ever-evolving, and highly adventurous quest of personal freedom and embodied consciousness.

‘The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?’ – Dorothy Day


The Call?

Embody Truth
Release unworthiness
Reveal authenticity
Radiate wholeness

Empower Action
Dream courageously
Design purposefully
Dive in deeply

Enliven Spirit
Express uninhibitedly
Expand consciously
Effortlessly live

The Medicine Work OF

Kait Day

Transformational Coaching

Energy Healing

Conscious Connection


Kind Words

In the 18 months I've known Kait, she has had a massively positive impact on my life through her healing work and mentorship. We have regularly done in-person and remote clearing sessions that leave me with an emotional clarity I have not been able to reach on my own. She reaches out when I am struggling, always listens, and shares a perspective that I need to hear. As a mentor, she is willing to ask life's tough questions in a gentle manner. I have grown in so many ways! But the lasting impact of our work together is that I am ready to share my true self with those around me every day, without fear.


Kait facilitated one of the most profound moments of healing in my life. She guided me gently and powerfully toward forgiving my mom and opening to unconditional love. My whole body and being was filled with brightness and I felt the utter boundlessness of love. It’s opened me up to breaking a pattern I bring forward to my own children. This experience has changed me and my family, and I will carry it with me always. I am so grateful for Kait and her transformational gifts.


Kait is a passionate coach, intrepid traveler, mentor and yogi. She lives the values she teaches… authenticity, teamwork and a holistic lifestyle. Her solo travels to India to pursue a deeper understanding of yoga gave rise to a depth of knowledge about human nature that makes her uniquely qualified to empower young women and men to live authentically.


I am usually a skeptic of wellness coaches but after learning more about Kait, I was thoroughly impressed not only with her credentials but her abilities. In working with Kait I quickly learned she is truly highly intuitive. Kait’s aptitude coupled with her education & experience equip her to effectively apply her expertise in a variety of circumstances and for this I highly recommend working with Kaitlin.


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